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August 2018 Archives

What to know about safety and roundabouts

Both cyclists and pedestrians encounter problems while traveling on public roads. Perhaps one of the most pressing safety issues is ensuring that they are visible to oncoming traffic, including both cars and trucks. Cyclists and pedestrians who travel through busy areas or who travel at night typically take additional preventative measures to ensure that they are visible to vehicles at all times.

School buses already appearing on Nevada roads

The upcoming Labor Day holiday will mark the start of a new school year in many parts of the country. However, students have already returned to the classroom in some Nevada counties. This means that school buses have once again become regular sights on morning and afternoon commutes. Some motorists have trouble adjusting to these additional roadway stresses. However, the frustrations of sharing the road with school buses can be greatly mitigated if drivers are patient, plan ahead and remain vigilant.

Determining liability after an accident

If an employee is hurt on the job in Nevada or elsewhere, he or she may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits. However, determining liability for an injury may be more complicated if a person gets hurt while working at a private residence. If that person works for a company with five or more employees, he or she would likely file a workers' compensation claim.

Vehicle technologies may not prevent car accidents

People in Nevada are often excited about the potential for improved driver safety presented by autonomous driving technologies. While fully self-driving vehicles are not yet a reality, a range of semiautonomous technologies is available, which often come with advanced features. Despite the potential of these systems, they are not yet at a stage that drivers can leave them to operate the vehicles without paying close attention. If drivers do not pay attention to the road in front of them, they could be involved in a devastating car accident.

Reducing construction contract dispute risks

It's standard practice for an attorney to advise all parties involved with a construction project in Nevada to read applicable documents before signing anything. Advancing with building plans without full knowledge of what's in a contract can increase the risk of legal action. A common area of oversight is contract documents incorporated by reference (IBR). These are separate documents referred to in the primary contract but not physically included. Examples are upstream contracts, specifications and safety policies.

Study shows how TBI victims benefit from cognitive training

Nevada residents who have suffered a traumatic brain injury and are experiencing the symptoms of depression may want to look into cognitive training. A recent study, the results of which were published in Human Brain Mapping, shows that group cognitive training can help reduce those symptoms.

"Grudge" film gives rise to contract dispute

Nevada movie fans may be looking forward to the American remake of "The Grudge", but the film's progress has hit a snag. The producer of the Japanese "Grudge" original, Taka Ichise, filed a lawsuit for breach of contract on July 30, alleging that the producers of the new film did not allow him to play a production role. The lawsuit in the Los Angeles Superior Court alleges that the American producers, Good Universe, violated their agreement with Ichise.

Pool safety: three tips for homeowners in Nevada

There are 7.4 million swimming pools in residential or public use in the U.S., according to the CDC. It's important to keep pools safe because of the risk for drowning, especially among children: for every child under 14 who dies from drowning, five are sent to the emergency room for non-fatal submersion. Over 3,500 Americans die in non-boating drowning accidents every year.

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