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September 2011 Archives

Listeria outbreak traced to contaminated cantaloupes

An outbreak of listeria that has been traced to cantaloupes shipped from a farm between July 29 and September 10 to 25 states has so far been linked to the deaths of 13 people and the illnesses of 72 people. The deaths of three more people are being investigated as possibly also caused by listeria poisoning.

Safety officials investigate whether Nevada air races crash preventable

The FAA and NTSB are currently investigating the September 16 crash of an airplane at the National Air Racing Championships in Reno, Nevada. The crash killed 10 spectators and the pilot of the World War II-era plane. Dozens of people were also injured in the crash.

Reno air races crash has people wondering whether races are safe

The recent plane crash at a Reno air races show has led people to question whether the races are safe enough for spectators. Last Friday, eleven people were killed, including the pilot, when a souped-up World War II-era plane crashed into the crowd during the National Championship Air Races. The crash also injured dozens of others.

FDA says Brazilian Blowout could injure salon workers, customers

The FDA has sent a letter to the manufacturers of Brazilian Blowout, a hair-straightening and smoothing product, telling the company that its product poses a danger to salon workers and customers who use it. The FDA said that the product contains dangerous levels of toxic formaldehyde.

Enormous Cargill ground turkey recall expands: Part 2

As discussed in the previous post, an outbreak this summer of salmonella Heidelberg has led to the illnesses of at least 111 people across 31 states and the death of at least one person. In August, Cargill and the USDA announced a recall of 36 million pounds of ground turkey because the bacteria was traced to one of Cargill's turkey processing plants.

Enormous Cargill ground turkey recall expands: Part 1

A little more than a month ago, Cargill recalled 36 million pounds of ground turkey after an outbreak of salmonella poisoning was linked to one of its turkey processing plants. The salmonella caused 111 illnesses across 31 states and one death. The strain of bacteria, salmonella Heidelberg, is especially virulent because it is resistant to many antibiotics.

Kids in Las Vegas can avoid injuries by knowing school bus safety rules

As kids go back to school in Las Vegas and across Nevada, parents should take some time to talk to their kids about school bus safety. Even if kids do not take the school bus every day, they will certainly be around buses while going to and from school and on school trips. Kids should know the rules of school bus safety so that they can avoid being injured in a pedestrian accident or a bus accident.

School's back in session: Drivers, slow down in school zones

Drivers should be extra careful in these first few weeks of the new school year by watching their speed and focusing on driving. Drivers should always be careful when driving to work and especially through school zones, but these first few weeks of school kids could be extra distracted and not yet accustomed to safety rules. Drivers need to be ready for the unexpected in order to prevent pedestrian accidents.

Miles Davis's trademark owners: infringement is not 'cool'

The owners of Miles Davis's trademarks are protective of those trademarks and do not want to see them lose their value through other people's eagerness to associate themselves with the pioneering jazz musician. According to Bloomberg, the Miles Davis Properties LLC is suing a jazz club called Miles' Club for trademark infringement.

Antitrust regulators sue to block AT&T/T-Mobile Merger

AT&T's proposed $39 billion merger with rival wireless provider T-Mobile has met opposition from federal antitrust regulators. The Department of Justice on Wednesday filed a lawsuit against AT&T to block the merger with T-Mobile. The Department of Justice officials said in the lawsuit that they are concerned that the resulting merger would be bad for consumers by concentrating too much of the wireless market in too few companies.

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