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Month: June 2015

Accommodating religion in the workplace

We live in an interesting age where science and technology must work, in many cases, hand in hand with religion – at least in terms of accepting and accommodating the religious beliefs of others in the workplace. Whether you are a manager or business owner, or a...

Can you enforce an oral contract?

In the business world, contracts can mean everything. This is true whether you are purchasing a product or service, doing business with a company or signing an employment agreement. What about oral contracts – agreements that are only made by a verbal affirmation and...

How does an appeal differ from a trial?

To those who are not familiar with the law on a daily basis, the differences between civil trials, appeals and other legal procedures may not be very clear. If you are like many other residents in Las Vegas, you might even use the terms “civil appeals” and “jury...

Understanding trademark infringement

Most businesses try to use distinctive trademarks so consumers recognize them, whether they are a huge international company or a local Las Vegas business. Trademarks legally belong to the company or business owner. Copying or using a trademark that belongs to another...

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