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February 2014 Archives

Driver who caused fatal crash may have been on medication

Car accidents are unfortunately a common occurrence, especially in busy cities like Las Vegas. However, sometimes these incidents can result in especially horrific experiences for victims, survivors and family members. Witnesses to traumatic crashes, for example, can be haunted by mental scars for years after the event. In cases such as these, compensation from civil suits can help to address the medical expenses necessitated by mental pain and suffering.

Understanding the enforceability of non-compete agreements

The need to hire and retain strong-performing employees is legitimate for Las Vegas area employers. The right workforce directly contributes to the success of a company. Similarly, problems with employees—either current or former—can negatively impact a company’s success. Such problems range dramatically and can relate to a contract dispute, unfair competition, fraud and more. Employer representation in employee complaints like these is important to protect the company’s ability to conduct its business.
Many employers request that some employees sign non-compete agreements. These contracts are intended to prevent an employee from going into direct, unfair competition with a company after leaving employment there. While the goal of these documents is to protect employers, many times such agreements are not upheld by courts. A recent news article provided guidance to companies to increase the rate of enforcement.

Nevada health website delays disputed

When businesses engage in contractual relationships, the potential for problems down the road always exist. Nevada companies both big and small can attest to challenges they experience when facing a business dispute. In some situations, the problem is easily identifiable. Other times, however, the crux of the problem is not as clear-cut. Whether the issue involves a domestic or foreign company, fraud, product liability, breach of contract or more, the need for help is real.

Nicollette Sheridan employment suit resurrected

The entertainment industry is a huge part of Las Vegas’ tourism economy, and the men and women hired to perform in the city’s many shows are often paid large sums of money for their contributions. When employment issues involving the contracts of famous or high-profile performers arise, they can become quite contentious, in part because the public is often very interested in the outcomes. These types of disputes can result in contract or employment litigation, and can often stretch out for very long periods of time.

Las Vegas car crash leaves 1 critically injured, 2 killed

Las Vegas is a city that enjoys a reputation as a fun place to relax, unwind and have a good time. When people do not engage in the city’s activities responsibly, however, they can be held accountable for any injuries they cause. When negligent behavior results in a personal injury or a death, the victim or the victim’s family may decide to pursue legal action to obtain compensation.

Tech giants take aim at patent-licensing firms

Nevada is home to a number of companies with presence in the national and global markets. Sometimes, these businesses become involved in complex legal issues with major companies, who are pursuing legal strategies that are part of a larger corporate goal. This type of commercial litigation can often be quite complicated, and may take several years to fully resolve.

Las Vegas authorities investigating food truck accident

Commercial food trucks are quickly becoming all the rage in cities across the country. Las Vegas, a place known for its excellent restaurants and food culture, is no exception. However, the ubiquity of these trucks can raise safety issues, particularly if they are involved in car accidents, as these vehicles are quite a bit larger than a standard compact car. In addition, if a food truck is in a car crash, there may be certain liability issues that arise due to the commercial nature of the vehicle. At the very least, accidents involving these food trucks may lead to civil lawsuits against negligent drivers, including personal injury claims.

Las Vegas SWAT team's search for suspect leads to civil suit

Most Las Vegas residents trust that their city’s law enforcement officers are properly trained to diffuse difficult situations and apprehend criminal suspects as peacefully as possible. However, sometimes undesirable outcomes can result from officers’ actions in the line of duty; when this happens, civil suits may be filed against law enforcement authorities. These legal matters are separate from the criminal issues from which they may have stemmed, and like any other civil suit may require a civil appeal in order to reach a final resolution.

Engineering reports indicate contractor's work not up to code

Las Vegas is a city known for its grand hotels and casinos, the building and maintenance of which are governed in part by various codes, ordinances and laws. Construction companies that are hired to design and construct such facilities can be held responsible if their work does not comply with all legal requirements. Contractors who build structures that are not up to code may find themselves embroiled in a variety of legal battles, including business disputes or construction litigation.

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