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September 2018 Archives

Avoiding slip-and-fall accidents

Falls are a common cause of injuries in Nevada. In regard to workplace accidents, falls from a height are two to three times more expensive in terms of costs than falls on a level surface. Even a fall from a couple feet can result in life-changing injuries. However, there are several ways to prevent falls from occurring.

Car accidents rise 12.3 percent among mobile workers

In its 2018 Distracted Driving Report, the vehicle management and reimbursement platform Motus has linked the increase in smartphone ownership to the rise in auto accidents among the mobile workforce. Nevada residents should be familiar with this trend because mobile workers travel 49 percent more often than any other type of employee in the U.S.

Planning for a successful business merger

Las Vegas companies may have high hopes for the profitability of their enterprises after a merger or an acquisition. However, from 70 to 80 percent of all such projects fail to live up to the anticipated value expected during the process. In most cases, this is not because the acquired firm was overvalued or unexpectedly weak. A poor strategy to integrate a new acquisition can cause businesses to lose out on profits and reaping the full benefits of their mergers. By introducing delays along the way, an unprepared business can sap the momentum spurred on by the acquisition. In order to achieve a successful transaction, advance strategic planning can be essential.

Safe driving tips for the rainy season in Nevada

Hydroplaning is one of the threats that drivers should always watch out for during the rainy season. When the tires encounter more water than they can handle, the water pressure in the front of the tire pushes water underneath, forming a thin layer of water between the tires and road. The tires, in effect, float above the road and thus lose traction. Hydroplaning can cause the car to skid or slide uncontrollably.

What is involved in a property negligence case

Nevada residents who are injured on another's property and who feel that the accident could have been prevented if the owner was not negligent may have a case under premises liability law. Negligence is defined as the failure to act in a way that is reasonably expected in a given set of circumstances. When applied to property owners, it usually covers instances of poor property maintenance.

Supplemental drivers' ed program could improve teens' driving

Teen drivers and their parents in Nevada may be interested to hear about the results of one Baylor University study, which analyzed the effect of supplemental drivers' education programs on teens' risk perception and driving behavior. Researchers focused on the Texas Reality Education for Drivers program, a one-day, six-hour program held in a hospital and involving a tour of the intensive care units and even of the morgue.

Rear automatic brakes and other tech can reduce backup crashes

Rear automatic brakes are a feature option on only 5 percent of new vehicles, but they can reduce the risk of backup crashes by 62 percent. The same risk goes down by 78 percent if rear automatic brakes are combined with rearview cameras and backup warning sensors. This is the finding of a report released back in February 2018. Nevada drivers may want to consider the benefits of the technology when making a new car purchase.

Shooting victim files premises liability lawsuit

One of the survivors of a fatal shooting at a video game tournament has filed a lawsuit seeking recovery for damages. Nevada readers might already be aware of the shooting that took place at a Madden tournament on August 26. The man who has filed suit was shot twice in the incident.

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