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July 2014 Archives

Las Vegas Hotel and Casino faces copyright infringement suit

Many Las Vegas casinos offer world-renowned musicals, magic shows, concerts and other stage performances. The development and production of these shows often involve multiple business contracts addressing various legal issues, including employment terms, the assignment of intellectual property rights and royalty payment structures. When a problem arises in any one of these legal areas, litigation may result.

Las Vegas casino in international intellectual property dispute

When most people think of intellectual property, they likely think of patents and copyrights. However, trademark infringement is also a major intellectual property concern, as a great deal of damage can occur if a company’s name or brand image is misappropriated. For this reason, many Las Vegas companies find it essential to guard against unlawful use of their trademarks.

4-car accident in Las Vegas leaves 5 injured

Most Las Vegas residents who have been in a car accident would probably consider it an unfortunate circumstance. Some accidents, however, are worse than others. Multi-vehicle collisions on interstate highways, for example, may result in severe injuries, fatalities and extensive property damage. When such accidents are found to be the result of the negligence of a company or person, victims may be able to seek compensation through civil litigation.

Las Vegas woman among 6 killed in car crash

Like many people around the country, Las Vegas residents enjoy taking trips to celebrate holidays. However, sometimes people can take these festivities too far, leading to dangerous situations such as impaired driving. When serious car accidents result from these impairments, the victims of the crashes or their families may choose to file civil litigation against any negligent parties.

4 incidents of overheating laptops lead to recall

Many residents of Las Vegas are heavily reliant on technology such as cell phones and personal computers. Because these devices are so prolific, people can sometimes forget the fact that these products are serious machines, capable of producing electric shocks and burns if they suffer from defects that allow them to overheat or short circuit. If people suffer personal injury or property damage as a result of such defects, they may wish to pursue civil litigation against the product’s manufacturer.

Las Vegas car crash results in serious injury to 1 pedestrian

Car accidents involving pedestrians often have serious consequences. Las Vegas, a city full of busy sidewalks that teem with people at all hours of the day, sees its fair share of such accidents. When this happens, injured pedestrians may be able to file civil litigation against any negligent people or companies responsible for the incidents. Such lawsuits can help these victims address medical expenses, physical therapy and any other financial issues stemming from the accident.

ACLU will appeal federal decision favoring Las Vegas hospital

Nevada, like many other states in the country, can face many complicated issues in its endeavors to provide adequate health care services to its residents. When a facility with ties to the state is suspected of mistreating patients, violating their civil rights, or behaving negligently in regards to their medical care, litigation may result. These lawsuits will often involve one or more civil appeals before they reach final resolutions.

Las Vegas authorities investigating deadly car crash

Most people have been involved in a car accident at some point. Often, these are minor incidents and both parties walk away with minimal property damage. In some cases, however, these collisions can result in deaths or serious injuries. When serious accidents like these occur in Las Vegas, assigning liability may rely on local authorities’ investigations and final rulings on causation.

Construction litigation ensues over allegedly unpaid bill

A lot of cities across the country are experiencing rapid growth, and Las Vegas is no exception. These large-scale projects bring welcome economic boons, but they can also incur complicated legal disputes. In some instances, litigation may be required to resolve these issues.

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