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Contractor sues county over road construction project

When a Las Vegas company signs a contract with another entity, they do so with full faith that all of the terms of the contract will be carried out. When they aren’t, the company may have legal recourse against the other person or company who defaulted on the contract.

This was the case for a construction company who sued a county in Florida. The company was contracted to build an overpass and widen a road, a $25.23 million project. In 2009, as crews began to work on the overpass, county officials gave the green light for them to use dirt that had not been tested for asbestos. 

When it was finally discovered that the dirt did contain asbestos, the crews had already been working on the overpass for a month. County officials ordered the crews to stop their work. The contractors wanted the county to provide compensation for the delay to the construction and cost to clean up the contaminated materials.

The company filed a lawsuit, part of which was resolved in 2010. County commissioners agreed to pay for half the cost of disassembling the overpass along with $1.89 million. They recently voted to pay the company an additional $1.5 million to settle the lawsuit. The company that bonded the project for the contractor will receive the settlement.

If another company has defaulted on a contract that they signed with your business, you may wish to speak with a business litigation attorney about your right to legal recourse and compensation for any losses.

Source: News-Press, “Lee County ends Summerlin Road flyover fight with contractor,” Thomas Himes, Aug. 6, 2013

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