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Land dispute continues after appellate court ruling

By the mere nature of court matters, one or more parties will inevitably lose their claims. Las Vegas individuals who feel that they were not given a fair chance in court can file a civil appeals case and take their issues to a higher court of law. This is exactly what one group in Michigan did when a judge told them that they could only use their privately owned property with specific limitations.

According to reports, years earlier, before the issues began, a group of nearly two dozen individuals from a motorsports group purchased around 100 acres of rural land. Their hope was to build a three-track motocross arena on that land after obtaining a special land use permit. In the meantime, they used it to race various motorized vehicles recreationally. However, neighbors who live close to the property continually complained to township officials that the activities being held on the large piece of land were too noisy.

The issue was taken to court where a judge’s ruling indicated that only on specific days of each month could the property be used to run motorized vehicles, with a cap of only 6 allowed to run at one time. The property owners felt that it was unfair to be restricted on private property, so they took the matter to the appellate courts who sided with the lower court judge.

According to the president of the motorsports group, they will not stop fighting for their rights until they have appealed to the highest possible court. This matter highlights the importance of fighting for what you believe you deserve when you are embroiled in disputes between individuals.

Source: Monroe News, “Landowners Revved Up To Continue Legal Fight,” Ray Kisonas, Oct. 21, 2013

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