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Solar plant allegedly sells Chinese panels as American-made

When it comes to consumer industries, countless individuals prefer buying all-American. In fact, many Las Vegas shoppers will only spend their money on American-made goods because they feel that it is a benefit to our nation by increasing job security and stimulating the economy. For manufacturing companies, advertising on a “Made in the USA” platform can be a successful way to promote a product and gain loyal customers.

According to the Attorney General’s office, a Texas-based solar panel manufacturer exploited this concept by wrongly asserting that imported Chinese products were made in the U.S. The company has been sued for deceptive trade practices and the State is asking the court to force the solar panel company to compensate the customers who were deceived. They are also asking for a permanent injunction which would stop the company from selling their goods.

Investigators for the State believe that before the company began falsely advertising their products they were a domestic producer. At some point, however, they allege that the company began labeling imported solar panels as their own, possibly in reaction to the fact that the Asian products were less expensive to obtain.

In a short time the manufacturer will have to battle the temporary injunction which is most likely aimed at stopping the selling of materials until the commercial litigation lawsuit is finalized. As this may have a very negative impact on their overall business, seeking the assistance of an experienced business law attorney may make the difference between keeping their offices open or not.

Source: Examiner, “Greg Abbott files to halt deceptive trade practices of solar panel facility,” Edward Lane, Sept. 20, 2013

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