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Appeal over business development temporarily halts expansion

The majority of new businesses in Las Vegas and across the nation are welcomed to the community with open arms. That’s because they bolster the economy and provide jobs. However, every so often a business will set up shop and send a few city residents in a frenzy.

This is what happened in a town back east when a greenhouse house business decided to expand. When town residents found out that the company was going to build one large greenhouse in the place of six smaller ones, they took their complaints to the planning board.

According to reports, the complainants have existing frustrations about the greenhouse company. Namely, issues with the excessive light that are used in the greenhouses, as well as noise pollution from both the traffic to and from the business, and loud fans that are used to ventilate the greenhouses.

However, the company owners state that many of these issues will actually be rectified with the expansion. For example, they have no current plans on lighting the larger structure, and the fans will no longer be needed because the new greenhouse will be naturally ventilated.

The planning board gave the greenhouse company the okay to start the expansion, but the project was halted when the complainants took their civil appeals matter to court. They allege that the planning board failed to analyze how the development will realistically affect the town. Until the matter is sorted out, the greenhouse expansion has been put on hold.

Disputes between individuals often require the assistance of an impartial judge before they are settled. Hiring a business law attorney can help better ensure that a company’s best interests are considered.

Source: Concord Monitor, “Loudon residents fighting local business’s expansion plan,” Kathleen Ronayne, Nov. 6, 2013

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