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Escalator with an expired certificate takes young girl�s toes

Running a business in Las Vegas takes a lot of time and dedication. Not only must store owners appeal to consumers by staying up to date on current trends, they must also ensure that patrons are safe from hazards that can lead to personal injury. When not properly maintained, common conveniences like escalators, elevators and automatic doors can be dangerous and even life threatening.

A family claims that while they were shopping at Macy’s their young daughter lost two toes after her foot got caught in an escalator, according to reports. In response, the family sued both the store and the third party company that maintains the escalator.

The governing municipality has also taken action by suing the inspection company in charge of assessing the moving staircase. Reports show that even though the escalator’s inspection expired, the machine was allowed to continue functioning until the accident occurred over two weeks later.

However, the inspection company claims that several months before the accident they tried to perform the testing but a manager from Macy’s asked them to leave because he believed that the assessment was disruptive. Records also show that maintenance concerns were brought up but they were not attended to. Instead, the escalator was granted a temporary certificate and permitted to continue operating. The municipality believes that the inspection company should be held liable for failing to repair the escalator prior to the certificate’s expiration.

When it comes to complex civil litigation a lawyer can be indispensible. Negligent parties want to lessen the blame and redirect liability, but oftentimes an experienced lawyer can piece together the truth and help the victims seek justice.

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