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Construction litigation ensues over allegedly unpaid bill

A lot of cities across the country are experiencing rapid growth, and Las Vegas is no exception. These large-scale projects bring welcome economic boons, but they can also incur complicated legal disputes. In some instances, litigation may be required to resolve these issues.

A business dispute over an allegedly unpaid bill has created a hiccup in the construction of a hockey arena in Allentown, Pennsylvania. A rental company, AmQuip Crane Rental, has taken this issue to the courts with a lawsuit against the contractor, construction manager and others. AmQuip claims that it is owed over $150,000, which is 8 months delinquent. The contractor, Tri-City Erectors, is countering that the charges were inflated and include items that the rental company is not owed.

Part of the discrepancy between the two companies involves employee hourly rates. According to Pennsylvania state law, certain state-funded projects must pay workers according to prevailing wage rates. Tri-City argues that AmQuip overcharged when it used prevailing wage rates from Philadelphia jobs, rather than those in Lehigh Valley. Philadelphia wage rates are generally higher than those for Lehigh County.

Construction disputes often take a great deal of time and resources to settle, particularly if they spawn civil or business litigation. Business owners who are facing construction-related legal issues, such as a breach of contract or employment litigation, may find it beneficial to discuss all aspects of the case with an attorney as soon as possible. This can help these companies plan both their legal and business strategies appropriately.

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