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Fatal Las Vegas car accident caused by DUI driver

For most Las Vegas residents, engaging with public roadways is often an unavoidable part of life. Because of this, those who choose to drink and drive place not only other drivers in danger, but also anyone who has the misfortune of being nearby. When DUI drivers cause serious accidents that impact people who were on the sidewalk or engaged in roadside work, the victims may try to gain compensation via civil litigation.

A man has been arrested for driving under the influence after causing a Las Vegas car accident that killed a 57-year-old construction worker who was cutting asphalt in one of the road’s lanes. The driver informed authorities that in the hours prior to the crash he consumed at least eight bottles of beer, and that he crashed the car after he became sleepy. He failed a field sobriety test administered by officials.

The driver also hit a parked car before fleeing the scene on foot and hiding in a nearby dumpster, where he was discovered by authorities. Reports do not indicate how much damage was done to the parked vehicle, or whether there was anyone inside that car who suffered a personal injury.

Drunk drivers pose serious risks to everyone around them. If you are dealing with the effects of a personal injury that was caused by a DUI driver, you may want to consider filing civil litigation to obtain compensation. Those who would like to learn more about what this process entails may want to discuss their cases with an attorney.

Source:, “Coroner ID’s construction worker killed in hit-and-run crash,” July 20, 2014

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