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Settlements more common than trial decisions

At the Aldrich Law Firm, one of our top priorities is keeping our Las Vegas clients informed of all the possibilities that can arise as a result of civil litigation. We never want our clients to encounter unpleasant surprises because they did not understand the legal processes involved in their lawsuits. One major point that confuses many clients is the fact that, in many instances, cases are resolved through settlements, not trials. 

According to the American Bar Association, most civil litigation is not resolved through full trial proceedings. Rather, they are often concluded through settlements, which are agreements reached by mutual consent from all involved parties. 

It is important to note that settlements can enter the equation at any point in the litigation process. They can be reached before plaintiffs even file their lawsuits, and they can be negotiated up until a verdict has been reached during trial.

Settlements like the ones described here are only available to parties in a civil lawsuit. In its “Civil and Criminal Cases” page, the ABA explains that the legal system in the United States separates cases into two categories: civil and criminal. The former addresses disputes arising between civil parties, such as individuals or businesses, and the latter deals with the enforcement of state and federal criminal codes. Common examples of civil lawsuits include personal injury, breach of contract and child custody claims.   

For additional information on the legal options available to those who believe they have grounds for a civil lawsuit, please see our page on civil litigation

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