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Does PTSD count in a personal injury case?

Car accidents are terrifying, traumatic events, especially if you’ve been injured. After a serious crash, you might find yourself suffering from a variety of symptoms that can dramatically affect you during your daily life. If you have nightmares, flashbacks, persistent feelings of anxiety and other alarming symptoms related to the crash, you might have post-traumatic stress disorder. This condition affects millions of people across the country, including in Las Vegas, who have suffered a personal injury or traumatic event.

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, motor vehicle accidents are the top cause of PTSD. If you were in a traumatic car crash, you may be among the estimated 9 percent of crash survivors to develop PTSD in the United States. The symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder may begin to appear soon after the crash, or they can take months or years to start surfacing.

If you have crash-induced PTSD, you are likely to experience severe anxiety or panic triggered by external cues, such as hearing about a crash on the news or driving past the site of your accident. You might develop a fear of driving, being a passenger or going anywhere near traffic. You might also develop anxieties related to experiences after the crash, such as a fear of hospitals or doctors.

With therapy and patience, you should be able to overcome your PTSD eventually. However, treatment is usually extensive and may take years. If another driver was determined to be at fault for the crash that caused your PTSD, he or she may be liable for your compensation. This information is meant to inform you of the emotional challenges you may incur following an accident. However, it should not be taken as legal advice.

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