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What can be considered intellectual property?

Intellectual property is a term that you, like many people in Nevada, may have heard of but not fully know what can be considered intellectual property and what cannot. In addition to knowing what is intellectual property, having an understanding about the rights that are associated with such property is important. Breach of any terms may result in a legal dispute.

According to the World Intellectual Property Organization, there are many different types of things that can be deemed intellectual property. Included in this designation are copyrights, industrial designs, geographical indicators, and trademarks. As an owner of any form of intellectual property, you have the right to gain a benefit from your work or investment. This holds true if the owner of any intellectual property is a company as well as an individual.

For patents, any benefit is granted only for a limited span of time rather than eternally. Patents are earned for the development of unique inventions. Most of these are scientific in nature such as in the case of technological innovations. Trademarks refer to a logo or even a business name. Copyrights cover a very wide range of creative works such as writings, musical work, and artistic creations. When you hold a copyright, your unique work cannot be used or cited by another party without proper reference or permission. You may pursue recourse for a violation of the laws governing these forms of intellectual property.

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but general information about intellectual property in Nevada.


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