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How do you address customer worries during a company change?

You would probably agree with most Las Vegas business owners that customer service is at the top of the list for the ongoing success and growth of your company. Provide inferior services, or change the way your company is run in a way that customers don’t like, and they are likely to take their business elsewhere. This is especially true during a merger, acquisition or simple change in management processes. Any of these situations may make some changes to your company’s operations that can impact a customer’s experience.

For example, states Axial, the corporate changes that are common during a merger may make many customers nervous. Media speculation, rumors from employees and changes to your company website or store layout might make customers think they will not be receiving the same level of service they were used to. In addition, your competitors might take advantage of the confusion and uncertainty and try to lure your established customers away.

How might you keep your customers happy and avoid losing them during times of change for your business? One important method is to avoid making too many major changes at once. If, for example, your company has a smartphone app that customers can download, be sure that updates to the app are not so drastic that customers have difficulty using the program. It is also a wise move to be sure your employees are fully trained in the new procedures and can answer the questions your customers are likely to have. Putting yourself in the customer’s shoes may help you address problems early and retain your valuable clientele during even the most challenging corporate changes.

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