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Understanding the grounds for appealing a judgment

If you are unhappy with the outcome of a civil trial in which you were a litigant, is it correct that you can appeal the verdict? Not necessarily. Many people think that they can appeal a case under any circumstances. At the Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd., we understand the common questions that Las Vegas residents might have regarding the grounds for a civil appeal.

First, you should understand that there are some misconceptions on the subject of appeals – the ability to challenge any verdict being one of them. Another mistaken belief would be that you would automatically be given a new trial if you succeed in getting your initial verdict overturned. According to the American Bar Association, the appeals process is more complex. In order for you to have a chance at appealing, you must have a reason to believe that your case was harmed by a legal error on the part of the judge or opposing side. For example, your opponent’s attorneys might have concealed evidence that would be beneficial to your case, or witnesses might have been questioned incorrectly. The judge also might have wrongly interpreted the law.

If you have valid grounds for an appeal, a written argument, or brief, is usually presented to the appeals court. It is then up to the court to decide to reverse the judgment, grant you a retrial or modify or uphold the verdict. Learn more about the grounds to challenge a trial outcome by visiting our page on civil appeals.

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