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Electricity poses another swimming pool hazard

Many Las Vegas homes, neighborhoods and apartment complexes have swimming pools so residents can escape the area’s summer heat. One of the most common dangers associated with swimming is drowning. Countless local parents and property managers are aware of the dangers and take measures every year to ensure that the drowning risk is minimized for those using their pools.

However, there is another swimming pool danger that many people might not be aware of. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, electrocution in or around a pool is a highly dangerous, and sometimes deadly, hazard. Pools and hot tubs may become electrified if there is faulty wiring to equipment or an electrical charge running across a wet surface nearby, such as the pool deck or lawn. Pool filters, pumps, vacuums and lights are all powered by electricity. If there is a wiring problem or the equipment is not properly grounded, a tragedy can result when someone gets into the water.

This is what happened recently in the backyard of a Palm Springs, California, family. According to the Los Angeles Times, a man lost his life when he dove in to save his 9-year-old daughter, who was unconscious at the bottom of the family pool. An older child was also injured. Authorities believed a light fixture was electrifying the water.

Safety experts caution that metal ladders can also be a source of danger in electrified water. Swimmers who feel an unexplained tingling or muscle cramps should exit the pool. If electricity is suspected as a reason for swimmers feeling “shocked” in the water, or for unresponsive swimmers, the power should be turned off immediately. Property owners may be held responsible if they are negligent in inspecting power lines servicing the pool area and ensuring they are properly grounded and maintained.

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