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How do you help your employees adjust to company changes?

In a recent blog post, we discussed how to calm customer worries during an acquisition, merger or change in the way a company is run. Just as important is how you handle the concerns of your employees during major changes in your business. The staff is one of the most important elements of any Las Vegas company; if they are unhappy or worried, morale might suffer and work performance could become less efficient.

Consider the changes that ordinarily take place in a business during a merger. New management could take charge; there could be sudden changes in policies and procedures; some of the staff might be laid off. According to Forbes, many of your employees could be worried about losing their jobs or not liking the new way the company is run. The rumor mill is likely to be working overtime at this point. The question is, how do you address the worries of your employees, calm the rumors and keep things running smoothly?

It can help a great deal to put yourself in your employees’ shoes right now. If rumors are flying, talking to employees frankly about the upcoming changes could help to lessen their anxiety. They will most likely want to know how secure their jobs are, as well as the nature of the changes coming up and what will be expected of them. If new management is being brought on board, this could be a good time to introduce them and allow your seasoned employees a chance to develop a rapport with the new members of the company. You might also ask your employees for input before and after company changes, to help them adjust and to implement ideas that could contribute to better efficiency and job satisfaction.

Company changes may be difficult and stressful for employees while they are adjusting. However, the way you address these changes with your staff may help you implement them in a positive way.

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