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What are the workers’ comp obligations for NV business owners?

Your employees can suffer from any kind of injury on the job, whether your industry is known for being dangerous or if they work in an office. Workers’ compensation insurance exists to cover an employee’s expenses related to an injury or illness that occurred on the job. It is important for you and other Nevada employers to understand what is required regarding this important type of insurance coverage.

Workers’ compensation insurance is not optional for most Nevada businesses. According to the State of Nevada Department of Business & Industry, if you have one or more employees, you are required to provide workers’ comp. Workers’ compensation can cover the cost of an employee’s medical expenses, lost wages, long-term disability and other costs incurred from a work-related injury, regardless of who was at fault for the accident. It may also provide compensation to your employee’s spouse and children if the employee’s injuries resulted in death.

If you fail to provide workers’ compensation for your employees, you can face significant penalties, including fines and having your business shut down until you obtain coverage. You would likely be required to pay for the costs of an employee’s workplace injuries. If an accident resulted in substantial injuries or death, you could also face criminal charges. Workers’ compensation insurance, however, can also protect your business interests. If an employee accepts workers’ comp benefits, you are generally protected from additional lawsuits. Workers’ compensation law is often complex; therefore, the information in this blog should not replace the advice of a lawyer.

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