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What is your car trying to tell you?

The newer your vehicle is, the more likely you are to have numerous onboard safety features to prevent accidents on Las Vegas roads. According to Consumer Reports, the marketing information that may have given you your first impression of the computer systems included in your vehicle may not have explained the whole picture. Not only that, these programs vary significantly from one make and model to the next. This makes it essential for you to do your research so you can respond correctly to your car’s system when it alerts you to an issue.

The types of warnings you may receive include sound and visual cues, but the system may also alert you through vibrations in the steering wheel or seats. These must be interpreted so you can react appropriately, even at a moment’s notice. If you do not respond quickly enough, your car may take over and apply the brakes or correct your steering for you, but this function is not available on every vehicle.

Many of the systems warn you when you are moving out of your lane or about to crash into a vehicle or object in front of you, or when there is someone in your blind spot. The technology employs cameras and sensors to identify everything around you, but they are designed to help a driver who is paying attention, not take over for a distracted driver. If you rely on them too heavily, safety features could even become a liability. While this information about active safety systems is provided to educate you, it is general in nature and should not be considered legal advice.

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