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Specialty courts for complex litigation in Nevada

As most entrepreneurs and business owners would probably agree, the amount of knowledge needed to successfully manage a company of any size in Nevada can be vast. The legal information necessary for drafting contracts alone leads many to keep an attorney on retainer for the company. With so much need for specialization, The Pew Charitable Trusts points out that many states have determined that it makes sense for them to create courts solely for hearing complex litigation cases.

Critics claim that district court judges have been effectively trying these cases for decades, making the creation of specialty business courts unnecessary. However, advocates disagree. They point out that judges who have been business or commercial law attorneys or who have spent much of their time trying this type of case are in a unique position to understand the complications that often contribute to complex disputes. Not only that, by moving large, complex cases off the regular docket and into their own forum, the entire justice system moves more quickly.

Clark County Courts in Nevada include both a business court and a Complex Litigation Center. The stated objective for these courts is to provide companies with an avenue for quick resolution. Cases that may go before the business court include contract litigation, lawsuits against public companies by their stockholders, copyright infringement cases and business ownership disputes, among others. When a case involves multiple attorneys, it may be transferred to the Complex Litigation Center, as this courtroom’s 8,000-square-foot floor plan was built to have capacity for large crowds.

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