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Types of payroll fraud

You hire people to work in your Nevada business who you believe are the best for the job. However, even the person with the most skill may be the wrong one, and an untrustworthy employee can cost you. At the Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd., our attorneys have experience protecting companies against a variety of payroll fraud practices.

There are a number of ways an employee could cheat your payroll system. According to, sometimes, payroll fraud is straightforward theft of another’s check. Keeping these in a locked safe and requiring identification to claim them may be the simplest solution.

Close supervisory review may prevent many of the more complex types of payroll fraud, such as padding time sheets with unauthorized hours. These are typically added in small increments in an attempt to escape notice. If your system includes a time clock, an employee may collude with a co-worker to clock each other in and out for each other to increase the record of time spent at work.

Unethical or careless payroll staff could also participate in fraud. If you have a large staff, a fake employee may go unnoticed, and that paycheck diverted to someone who works in payroll. This could be a completely made up employee, or one who has left the company but has not been deleted from the roster. An unethical payroll clerk may also make an agreement to raise an employee’s hourly rate on the books temporarily to boost his or her income. If this type of theft is going on in your system, regular audits may reveal it. 

More information about business fraud is available on our webpage.

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