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Research shows young adults trip and fall more than elderly

Over the course of four months, researchers at Purdue University recorded how many times a group of 94 undergraduate college students tripped and fell during their daily activities. The results of their study show that young adults trip and fall more often than older people. Nevada residents will want to know more about this.

The average age of the participants was 19, and 93 percent responded to the daily online survey that the researchers had set up for data gathering purposes. Each student averaged one slip or trip a week with 21 percent falling more than once during the four months. Among those who could not recover their balance, 16 percent were injured and 4 percent required medical treatment. One-third of all falls occurred indoors.

Furthermore, the fall rate remained high outside of winter conditions. The more physical activity the students were involved in, the more frequently they fell. Texting and walking, which is a widespread hazard, only contributed to 3 percent of the falls.

Researchers associated most of the falls with talking. Talking while walking is a multi-task that demands the use of language formulation, speech generation, terrain navigation and balance control at the same time. Young people may also fall more than the elderly because the latter, due to a higher risk of injury, tend to be more cautious.

In some cases, people may slip, trip or fall on a poorly maintained property. Where there is a case against the property owner, victims may be able to file a premises liability claim and be covered for their medical expenses, rehabilitative care, lost wages and other applicable losses. It can be hard to file a claim without a lawyer, though. A lawyer might bring in investigators to gather proof against the property owner, and the lawyer may negotiate for a settlement.

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