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Sports firm wins bitter breach of contract lawsuit

Sports fans in Nevada may be aware that Sports USA is one of the country’s leading syndicators of play-by-play radio coverage. The California based-company usually attracts media attention when one of its announcers receives a broadcasting award, but it was its legal exploits that made headlines on July 12. That was the date a Los Angeles jury awarded Sports USA damages of at least $2 million in a breach of contract lawsuit.

Sports USA filed the lawsuit against Sun Broadcasting Group in January 2017 after the Florida-based marketing firm announced that it could not meet its contractual obligations. SBG had agreed in September 2015 to act as Sports USA’s exclusive sales outlet for the 2016 and 2017 NCAA football seasons. SBG’s president said in a press statement that he was saddened and shocked by the verdict. He also said that the jury was prevented from seeing key pieces of evidence.

The evidence referred to was excluded when Sports USA’s attorneys argued successfully that it was hearsay. Sports USA also claims that SBG attempted to delay or derail the lawsuit by filing several counterclaims that had no legal or factual basis. SBG has vowed to file an appeal. It should be noted that this case’s defendant ceased trading in 2018 and is not connected to the company currently operated by Gen Media Partners. The damages awarded were the full amount sought by Sports USA.

Lawsuits stemming from contract disputes can take years to litigate. Unfortunately, a successful outcome cannot be assured. This is why an attorney with experience in this area may seek to avoid litigation by ensuring that all parties entering into a legally binding agreement are fully aware of their responsibilities. Legal counsel may also conduct due diligence before contracts are signed to identify areas of concern.

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