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What impact does high-visibility clothing have on reducing motorcycle crashes?

The majority of vehicles that you find on the road are passenger cars and trucks. This detail leads many motorists to forget how to share the road with motorcyclists. 

Passenger car operators often report that they didn’t even see a motorcyclist before colliding with them. This sometimes occurs because a motorcyclist entered a driver’s blind spot. Other drivers simply don’t notice the slim frame of the motorbike headed in their direction. 

Every year, thousands of motorcyclists lose their lives due to automobile drivers not noticing them on the road until it was too late. High-visibility clothing might help increase their visibility and thus save their lives. 

How often do drivers fail to see motorcyclists?

A report published by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration captured how 75% of motorcycle accidents also involved a passenger vehicle. The authors of that study highlighted the fact that many motorcycle accidents occur because drivers fail to detect and recognize motorcycles in traffic. 

How does high-visibility clothing affect crash rates?

Bright neon or fluorescent clothing such as vests and shirts or decorative helmets all fall into the category of high-visibility clothing. Each of these can significantly increase your chance of being noticed by drivers and ending up on the wrong side of their bumper.

According to one study published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), there’s a positive correlation between a motorcyclist wearing high-visibility clothing and decreased crash risk. The study’s authors found that motorcyclists are 37% less likely to become involved in a crash when the rider is wearing fluorescent or high-visibility clothing. 

Is high-visibility clothing a good choice for you?

While wearing high-visibility clothing may improve your safety, so too will the use of headlights, especially at night. You may want to adjust the gear that you wear depending on the season. Some colors are more visible at different times of the year and in certain weather conditions than others. 

It’s unlikely that wearing high-visibility clothing will eliminate your risk of becoming involved in an accident. It will reduce your chances, though. Nevada law may allow you to hold any negligent motorist who struck you while operating your motorcycle liable for your losses. An attorney can help you learn more.

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