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Everybody is getting into cycling in Vegas, but safety is an issue

Bicycle shops in Las Vegas report that business has been booming. Nationally, bike sales shot up about 65% in 2020, and a representative of the local bikeshare program reports that they’ve seen a tenfold increase in their membership in the space of a year.

The only problem with the rising interest in bicycling is that there are an awful lot of novice cyclists on the road. Some riders haven’t been on a bike since they were kids. That’s prompted the Southern Nevada Bicycle Coalition to initiate the “Ride Safe: Know Before You Go” campaign to educate residents on bike safety.

What are the main rules for bicyclist safety?

Because bicyclists are uniquely vulnerable in an accident with a motor vehicle, it pays to be proactive. Riders are encouraged to do the following:

  • Protect your head. Get a fitted helmet (not a borrowed one) that’s designed to withstand an impact with the road — and wear it every time you get on your bike.
  • Be visible. You need to make sure you have reflective gear on your bike and on your body, and bright colors are essential even in the daylight.
  • Pick a bike-friendly route. Unless you have to navigate a busy road with your bike for a commute, it’s far better to stick to bike trails and paths that don’t put you in harm’s way or leave you surrounded by cars and trucks.
  • Be predictable. Make use of hand signals to let drivers know where you’re going or stay in your lane. Don’t ever dart through traffic or make a sudden turn.
  • Ride defensively. Try to make eye contact with drivers when you approach an intersection, keep your eyes open for distracted drivers and keep at least one ear open for the sound of approaching vehicles at all times.

Even with the best efforts, you can still end up in a wreck. If you’re seriously injured by a negligent driver, an attorney can help you obtain the compensation you need for your recovery.

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