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Know these causes of big rig crashes

Sharing the roads with semitrucks means that you’re putting your life in the hands of those truckers. Their vehicles are much bigger and heavier than yours, which means that you aren’t likely going to fare well if one slams into you. 

Understanding more about what leads to a wreck with a semi or another commercial vehicle can help you take more preventative measures that can help you avoid a disaster. Here are three common causes:

Trucker error

Trucker’s errors are often at the heart of these crashes. The trucker may be distracted or fatigued. Sometimes, they’re intoxicated. In other cases, the trucker might be rushing to meet unrealistic deadlines. This could mean that the trucking company is also liable for the damages you’re facing. If you spot a big rig that is swerving, drifting, slowing down and speeding up erratically or showing other signs of trouble, steer clear.

Loading mistakes

All loads on the rig must be secured according to the appropriate guidelines. When this doesn’t occur, the loads can shift and lead to a sudden accident. While you may not be able to spot every problem load, be watchful for trucks that seem to be carrying top-heavy cargo or cargo that doesn’t look very secure and give them plenty of space. 

Improper maintenance

Improper maintenance is another issue that can cause crashes. If you spot a rig on the road that looks like it is trying to operate with rusted parts, balding tires or other obvious issues, you definitely want to get away from that truck as quickly as possible.

When you’re struck by a semitruck, It may be possible to hold more than one party liable for your injuries. The driver may have been negligent, but fault may also lie with the loading company, the trucking company and the company that does the repair and maintenance on the vehicles. Working with an attorney who’s familiar with commercial vehicle crashes is often beneficial in these cases. This enables you to focus on healing while they take care of the legal aspects of the case. 

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