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Who has liability for your rideshare crash injuries?

Ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft have increasingly grown in popularity in recent years. The uptick in the use of these apps has coincided with an increase in accidents in which third-party vehicle occupants have suffered injuries. Many questions about liability for accident-related costs have emerged from this.

You have a right to recover compensation for your accident-related injuries if the car you’re in is involved in a crash. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with your options for recovering what you’re entitled to.

Your rideshare driver should have car insurance. They may have rideshare driver insurance coverage also. The rideshare company itself should also have insurance that you can file a claim with if all other options fail. Starting with the rideshare driver’s policy is always a good choice.

Protecting your right to compensation in a rideshare accident

A critical component of any car accident case is having documentable proof of its occurrence. A rideshare driver should remain at the scene of the crash. The accident report in the case is key to determining liability and knowing a driver’s identity and insurance information.

Preserving evidence is another critical factor in an accident case. This may entail having a crash scene reconstructionist look at damages to a vehicle, checking phone or other electronic records or assessing the accuracy of a field breath test device. Time is of the essence in situations like these. An experienced attorney will know the steps to take to ensure that you don’t squander this critical information and will help you recover the maximum compensation possible in your rideshare accident case.

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