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Children tend to suffer more serious dog bites

While anyone can be seriously injured in a dog attack, the statistics show that children are clearly the most vulnerable. The bites they suffer are often more serious, and they may be more likely to be bitten. 

For instance, studies have found that those facing the highest risks are infants and toddlers. Why is this? 

Why bites happen more often with children

Dog bites happen more often to children because they may not know how to interact with kids. For instance, a child is more likely to run up to an unfamiliar dog and try to give it a hug. The dog may not be friendly or may be nervous about the hug, and that can lead to a bite.

Children could also approach dogs while they’re eating or ignore growling and other signs of aggression that would be obvious to adults. 

Why those bites are more severe

These bites are more severe for two reasons, the first of which is strength. A toddler has no real ability to fend the dog off, so the attack can be more prolonged and may not end until an adult rescues the child. The second reason is that children are shorter, making the neck, throat and head more exposed. They can suffer catastrophic injuries when an adult in the same situation would have been bitten on the leg. 

If your child gets seriously injured by a dangerous dog, you need to know how to seek financial compensation for medical bills and other damages. Children could suffer from scarring or even permanent disfigurements after the attack. 

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