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How can the Nevada civil courts help after a breach of contract?

You expect that someone else will follow through when they sign a contract with you. Sadly, some people simply aren’t responsible and will make their failures other people’s problems.

Still, others will intentionally enter into contracts that they do not plan to uphold. They might accept delivery of goods that they do not intend to pay for or pick payment for services that they don’t intend to render.

How can the civil court help your business recover from a breach of contract issue?

They can help you address the contract

There are numerous ways that a breach of contract could negatively affect your business. You might still have theoretical obligations to the other party despite their breach. You may have suffered significant losses or disruptions to your business operations because of their failure.

When you go to court over breach of contract, a judge can potentially nullify the contract so that you don’t have to continue doing business with the other party. They could also uphold the contract and order specific performance. Essentially, that means there will be a court order requiring the other party to follow through with their contractual obligations.

They can award you damages

If there have been significant and documented financial consequences for your company because of a contract issue, you may be able to request damages. The courts could order the other party to pay you for the financial impact their failure has had on your company.

Learning about how the Nevada courts help businesses deal with contract disputes can protect your business interests.

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