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Las Vegas crash fatalities increased in early 2022

Las Vegas residents know that the city is a vibrant, bustling environment. Motor vehicles traverse our roadways around the clock, resulting in a high risk of pedestrian, truck and car accidents.

If an accident leaves you with only minor injuries and property damage, you should consider yourself lucky. Most crashes result in severe or catastrophic injuries, impacting the lives of victims for months or even years.

Fatal car accidents increased

The Las Vegas Metro police released accident statistics occurring in recent months. Reportedly, most types of vehicle crashes rose in 2022. Fatal accidents, for example, rose from 55 in the first months of 2021 to 62 in the first half of 2022, marking a 12.7% increase.

Fatal vehicle accidents involving pedestrians have also increased. In early 2021, Las Vegas saw 19 deadly pedestrian accidents, compared to 22 in the first months of 2022. Moped and motorcycle crash deaths also rose by 15.4% this year.

DUI-related fatalities declined

In a piece of good news, the rate of fatal DUI crashes dropped from Jan. 1, 2022, through Jun. 3, 2022. The same timeframe in 2021 saw 29 DUI-involved fatalities, compared with only 19 in 2022.

On a related note, Metro police have made fewer DUI arrests (so far) this year compared with arrests in 2021. However, the estimated average for DUI arrests is about 15 per day.

Be extra cautious on Nevada roadways this year. If you suffered injuries in a car accident or someone you love died, it is time to learn more about Nevada injury and accident compensation laws. The knowledge you gain ensures you find a satisfactory remedy for the harm you suffered.

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