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Why it’s so dangerous to drive close to semitrucks

You may instinctively be nervous when you feel the looming presence of a commercial truck directly next to your vehicle. Even if the presence of the big rig doesn’t provoke and nervous response, you are probably aware that safety experts advise that you give big trucks plenty of space on the road.

There are actually two reasons why it is so important that you give a commercial truck extra space. Let’s look at those.

They have massive blind spots

Even with extra mirrors for improved visibility, a truck driver will have a hard time seeing vehicles directly to the left of their trailer or in the two lanes to the right of their trailer. Vehicles traveling too close to the back of a trailer are also at risk of a driver not noticing them.

Avoiding blind spots is key to your safety. When a commercial driver doesn’t know you are there, they can’t consider your safety before performing a maneuver, such as merging into the next lane of traffic or trying to exit the highway.

They can’t always stop in time

Driving too close to the front of a commercial truck can be even more dangerous than driving in its blind spot. If your speed isn’t the same or faster than the trucks, the vehicle may not be able to slow down or stop in time without hitting you from the rear. You need to give extra space when merging in front of a big truck or passing one so that they don’t end up hitting you from behind.

Acknowledging the limitations of big trucks can help you reduce your risk of a commercial vehicle collision. If you or a loved one suffers an injury, having legal guidance can help you get the compensation you need.

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