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Steer clear of these accident-prone Las Vegas roadways 

You probably understand the extreme hardships a car accident can cause, even if you’ve never had one. With severe or catastrophic injuries, victims can expect massive medical bills and will likely miss a lot of work (income).

You cannot always avoid car accidents but training yourself to be as careful as possible when driving can help. For example, when you know which roads see many crashes, you can take an alternate route or be more cautious.

The Las Vegas strip

People celebrate around the clock on the strip, meaning that the vehicles you encounter are probably under the control of intoxicated individuals. According to accident statistics, some 42% of car accidents on the strip involve alcohol.

Highway 50

A lonely 250-mile-long stretch of road, this highway is dangerous in the aftermath of an accident or a breakdown. It could take emergency responders a long time to reach you if trouble arises, especially considering its lack of gas stations and spotty cell phone service. Even transportation experts caution against using this highway.

Interstate 15 (I-15)

A main conduit between Vegas and California, I-15 is infamous for heavy traffic and vehicle accidents. It has even been called the deadliest road in America, having seen about 800 crashes in a recent 15-year period. Millions of motorists use this roadway year-round to visit Law Vegas.

Dishonorable mentions

Other hazardous roads in the Vegas region include:

  • Red Rock Canyon Loop. Heavy traffic, high cliffs, no guardrails, etc.
  • Nevada State Route 582. High rate of fatal accidents and pedestrian deaths
  • Nevada State Route 431. Hairpin turns, severe winter weather, steep elevations, etc.

As discussed above, the fallout of car accident injuries can hurt your finances severely. Consider familiarizing yourself with Nevada accident compensation laws to ensure you obtain sufficient compensation for your harm.

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