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3 sleep-related factors that could make a driver dangerous

Fatigue is one of the biggest dangers on the road. Some studies have shown it can be as dangerous as drunk driving once you reach a certain level of sleep deprivation.

Yet it is also one of the most underestimated dangers, perhaps because being tired is an everyday occurrence.

#1. A health problem prevents someone from sleeping

Sleep apnea is one such condition. People struggle to get enough oxygen when sleeping, and their body reacts by waking them up. This can happen repeatedly each and every night. The end result is the person never gets enough sleep and lives in a permanent state of fatigue. That could mean they are never really safe to drive.

#2. They drive for a living, and their employer does not allow them adequate rest

Truck drivers are subject to laws that restrict how much they can drive without a break and how many hours they can drive without time to sleep. Yet some employers do not agree with these laws. They feel they are too restricting and expect their drivers to flout them. If someone in charge of a semitruck drifts off momentarily it could be enough to cause a catastrophic crash.

#3. They are too stressed to sleep

People can get stressed for all sorts of reason, and while a little stress can help people to be productive, too much can inhibit their ability to function or sleep. For example, someone struggling with debt may be unable to sleep due to worry about how they will pay those debts.

Avoiding fatigue is not always possible, but driving is always a choice. If someone injures you because they chose to drive when too tired to do so safely, you have the right to claim compensation.

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