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4 ways to reduce distracted driving

It’s paramount that drivers stay focused on the road. Any minor distraction, even for a fraction of a second could lead to a catastrophic accident. Despite the dangers of distracted driving, it is one of the largest causes of motor vehicle accidents.

There are a few common distractions that every driver should know how to avoid. The following are ways you can reduce distracted driving:

1. Turn off your phone

Phones are a blessing and a curse, especially while driving. Nearly everyone has a phone nearby and this can easily lead to distracted driving. If you must take your phone in your car, you may consider turning it off to eliminate calls and texts.

2. Place your phone far away

Even with your phone turned off, it can still be tempting to turn it back on and check for calls and messages. To prevent that, you may consider putting your phone in a bag or in the glove box. This way your phone won’t be within reaching distance, eliminating any possible distractions it might cause.

3. Keep your pets restrained

Many people take their pets on the road. Some pets are well-behaved and can sit still and some dogs don’t, but, nonetheless, you should consider putting your pet in a cage or restraining them while driving. Pets don’t understand how much attention you need when driving.

4. Set your radio before you leave

It’s often confusing when people mention that radios are just as distracting as phones when driving. While you might not be talking or texting, you will likely have to look away to change the station, which can leave you distracted. Instead, you may need to change your radio before you leave your driveway to reduce any distractions.

You can do everything in your power to reduce distracted driving, but you can’t prevent other drivers from becoming distracted themselves. If you’re in an accident, you may need to consider your legal options when recovering from damages and injuries. 

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