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Why you shouldn’t rush into a car accident settlement

Even if it is a minor wreck, a car accident can leave you emotionally shaken. If you are involved in a car crash that you believe is not your fault, one of the pressing questions you will have is how soon you can settle the matter and carry on with your life. 

Generally, most car accident claims are settled out of court, and there is a valid reason for this: out-of-court settlements save time and money. But how do you get the best possible out-of-court settlement for your car accident claim?

What you need to know about early settlements

The decision to accept your car accident claim out of court can impact you and your family for years to come. Here are two reasons why you should never rush to accept a settlement from the insurance company. 

Understanding of the scope of your injuries

An important part of car accident settlement is the compensation for your medical bills – both current and future accident-related medical bills. While some injuries like cuts and broken bones are usually clearly visible, most internal injuries like brain damage often take days or even weeks to manifest. 

Before accepting an offer, it is in your best interest that you fully understand the extent of your injuries. Only then can you ascertain your claim’s worth

The first offer might never be the best offer

As far as you are concerned, a car accident is personal. As such, you want to hold the liable party accountable and recover the resulting economic and non-economic damages. For the insurance company, however, it is business. They are in it to save the company as much money as possible, and this explains why they will want to offer the lowest settlement possible. Do keep in mind that out-of-court settlements are all about negotiations. 

Maximizing your recovery

Settling a car accident claim out of court comes with its merits and demerits. Learning your rights and obligations following a car crash can help negotiate a fair settlement for your damages.


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