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The unique challenges of driving in Las Vegas summer heat

Those of us who live and work in Las Vegas are used to extreme heat in the summer – at least as used to it as one can be. This summer, however, has seen record-breaking temperatures throughout the West. Further, many of the tourists who flock to Vegas during the summer have no experience in this kind of heat.

For these reasons (and many more), it’s critical to take extra care when driving when temperatures climb into triple digits. This means making sure that you and your vehicle are ready for anything. Let’s look at a few tips from experts.

Watch your tire pressure

Extreme heat can raise tire pressure which can cause a blowout. The heat and sun can also damage roads (like cracking, buckling and potholes) that can result in serious crashes – no matter how safely you’re driving.

Getting out of the car to change a tire or because your car has overheated can put you in serious danger if you aren’t safely off the road. People who are involved in car breakdowns or even collisions sometimes remain relatively uninjured until they’re struck by a driver who doesn’t see them on the road.

Don’t drive if you’re suffering from the effects of extreme heat

It’s crucial to keep yourself and your passengers safe from heat stress and other heat-related illnesses. If you’re feeling light-headed or sick, don’t drive. It’s also important to keep the inside of your vehicle at a comfortable temperature. Having a windshield cover can help.

It’s also wise to keep a towel or some gloves handy in case the door handles or even the steering wheel are too hot to touch. Don’t drive until you can hold the steering wheel and all handles and levers safely. Of course, you should have an emergency kit in every one of your vehicles all year round. This time of year, it’s crucial to have plenty of water and other drinks (preferably in a cooler).

Unfortunately, many drivers in this area don’t follow these or other precautions. Many vacationers are in rental cars they aren’t especially comfortable driving. If you’re involved in a crash, it’s crucial to make sure that you get a fair settlement. Having sound legal guidance can help.

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