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Unique circumstances faced by motorcyclists riding through Vegas

Las Vegas is a popular destination for bikers, and motorcyclists eagerly wind their way through the desert city looking for adventure. While casino lights and amazing architecture present some of the most beautiful views, riding Las Vegas streets presents its own challenges.

Here are some safety tips for dealing with heavy traffic and tourist congestion.

1. Be visible

Motorcycles are more difficult to see than other vehicles, especially on congested city streets. Always use your headlights, even in the daytime, and consider high-visibility clothing.

2. Be aware of your surroundings

There are plenty of things to see in Las Vegas, and it’s easy to be distracted by everything happening. These same sights are also distracting other motorists and pedestrians. You need to remember your defensive driving skills so you’re always prepared for shifts in traffic patterns, other drivers’ sudden stops and pedestrians crossing streets.

3. Take care at intersections

There are more than 2,000 traffic lights in Las Vegas. That is a lot of intersections and left-hand turns, one of the most dangerous situations for motorcyclists. There are several reasons, such as motorists’ carelessness in not checking for oncoming traffic or misjudging the speed of the oncoming motorcycle. Furthermore, with vehicles coming from all directions, it’s easy to overlook a motorcycle.

In addition to maintaining high visibility, try to position yourself in your lane to be easily seen and avoid vehicles with high profiles. Try to make eye contact with other motorists and always be ready to brake.

Traveling on two wheels is a great way to enjoy all the sights, sounds, and unique attractions Las Vegas offers. However, it requires more vigilance. Even when you follow all traffic rules, another person’s carelessness can cause you to have an accident. Receiving compensation for your injuries will provide you with financial support while you recover.

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