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3 kinds of drivers with high accident rates

Auto accidents can change lives in an instant due to things like traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage and more.

Unfortunately, all you can do to protect yourself is to be the most proactive defensive driver possible. That means understanding more about which drivers out there are the most dangerous. These include:

1. Drunk drivers

Alcohol lowers many people’s inhibitions. People often feel calmer after drinking alcohol. But, alcohol also makes people less focused and more likely to make poor decisions. It also dulls reaction times and alters thinking processes, which is why people are better off avoiding alcohol entirely when they need to drive.

2. Distracted drivers

People become distracted all the time. A poorly timed distraction while driving could cause people to look away from the road at a moment when an accident could have otherwise been prevented. One of the most common driving distractions is the modern cell phone. Most people have phones, but people around thirty years of age are more likely to look at their phones while driving. 

3. Aggressive drivers

Many people get frustrated every now and again. Anger and frustration while driving, however, could cause people to make decisions that endanger themselves and others. A driver may become aggressive if they were cut off on a busy road, missed a turn or felt that another driver was unnecessarily honking their horn. Once a driver becomes enraged, they may be more likely to speed, run lights or cut off other drivers, which can lead to accidents. 

Do your part to make the roads safer by avoiding these three behaviors yourself — and keep your eye out there for others who may not be as wise. If you are in a wreck, find out more about what it takes to get the compensation you deserve.

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