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The MSG Sphere brings more traffic challenges to Las Vegas

Everyone’s talking about the latest spectacle in Las Vegas – the MSG Sphere. It joins the Luxor pyramid, the Paris Las Vegas Eiffel Tower replica and more sights that sometimes literally stop traffic.

The MSG Sphere, which went “live” over the Fourth of July, is even more eye-catching because it’s constantly changing. It has been a basketball, a Jack-o’-Lantern and a giant eyeball in addition to displaying numerous other effects that can be seen far beyond its location on Sands Ave.

Some drivers and pedestrians make things dangerous for everyone

In addition to the added traffic that comes with a venue for professional sports, concerts and interactive experiences, people who stop their vehicles to look and take pictures are causing traffic backups. Even more dangerous are those who don’t stop while they do this. Pedestrians running across the busy street to get a better view add to the risk for everyone in the area.

Las Vegas area residents and law enforcement have expressed concerns about safety. However, so far, there hasn’t been a noticeable increase in collisions due to the new attraction. As the holidays get closer and more events are booked at the venue, that could change.

Expect the unexpected

The head of the Road Equity Alliance Project at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas cautions drivers to “keep full attention on the road and expect the unexpected. Expect a driver to stop in front of you and a pedestrian to run across the street in front of you.”

Along with all the other things that can cause distracted driving, this and other head-turning Las Vegas attractions provide more distractions. That’s especially true for tourists who already aren’t as familiar with the streets as the locals are. 

Being distracted by the Sphere is no excuse for engaging in unsafe behaviors. If you’re injured in a collision caused by a distracted driver, make sure you get the compensation you need and are entitled to for medical treatment and other expenses and damages. 


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