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What kind of evidence can prove liability for dog bites?

Dogs are loveable creatures, and most are friendly and safe. Unfortunately, some can be aggressive and may attack people or pets unprovoked, especially when owners are negligent in restraining potentially dangerous animals.

Dog bites can be minor, but many are severe enough to require substantial medical intervention and could limit your ability to work. Victims should not have to cover their losses when animal owner negligence contributes to their harm.

Instead, gather the right evidence and hold the owner legally responsible. Let’s look at some examples.

Take pictures

A visual record of your injuries can strengthen your injury claim. Document your injuries and continue taking photos of them as you heal. These images can demonstrate the nature and extent of your dog bite wounds, supporting your compensation claim.

Save medical records

Medical evidence can show the true aftermath of the attack and your resulting injuries. Three strong examples of medical proof include physician statements, imaging or lab test results and treatment recommendations. Ask your providers for copies of all medical records associated with the attack.

Obtain official reports

If you reported the dog bite incident to your local animal control office or the police (or both), request copies of any reports they generated. Official reports can serve as legal documentation that the attack occurred.

Look for eyewitnesses

You may think no one saw what happened except for you and perhaps the dog owner, but that may not be so. Someone in a nearby home or business may have witnessed the incident or have it on security cameras. Consider asking around to see if anyone is willing to step forward in support.

Once you have evidence proving you deserve compensation, consider getting experienced guidance on Nevada injury liability laws.

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