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Motorcyclists: Watch for drivers who are turning left 

If you are a motorcyclist in Las Vegas, one of the most important things to watch for is a driver that is turning left ahead of you. These left-turn accidents are incredibly common, and they can be very dangerous for motorcyclists.

Part of this danger comes from the violence of a sudden collision. A motorcyclist may have the right of way and not even slow down, meaning that they collide with the side of the turning car at full highway speeds. 

Additionally, it’s difficult for a motorcyclist to take action to avoid a driver who has turned left in front of them. The motorcyclist can’t swerve to the left, as that is the oncoming traffic lane. But they also can’t swerve to the right, as that is the direction that the other vehicle is traveling.

Why do drivers make these dangerous turns?

In some cases, drivers make dangerous turns just because they’re driving aggressively. They’re in a hurry, and they’re not prioritizing safety.

But much of the time, the real issue is that the driver just doesn’t know that the motorcycle is there. The motorcyclist has certainly seen the car coming toward them, but the driver of that vehicle hasn’t seen the much smaller motorcycle. In some cases, the driver will see the motorcycle, but the small size tricks them into thinking that it is further away than it actually is. 

In other words, many drivers execute what they believe to be a completely safe left turn, only to find out that it was a major mistake when the motorcycle collides with the side of the vehicle.

Because these accidents can be so sudden and violent, motorcyclists can suffer severe injuries. If this happens to you, be sure you know how to seek financial compensation from the driver who turned left and caused the crash.

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