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Airbags for motorcyclists could put the brakes on crash injuries

Motorcycles offer an exhilarating way to travel, but the lack of protection around the rider makes them inherently riskier than cars. Thankfully, innovative safety technology is emerging to bridge this gap. One of the most promising advancements is the motorcycle airbag.

How do they work?

Motorcycle airbags come in two main forms: vests and jackets. Both use sensors and algorithms to detect an impending crash, typically based on changes in deceleration, impact angle and other factors. High-tech devices use gyroscopes and accelerometers to anticipate and deploy when riders are at risk of a fall.

The airbag inflates within milliseconds of a detected accident, creating a protective cushion around the rider’s upper body — particularly the neck, spine, chest and ribs.

Can they prevent all injuries?

Unfortunately, they cannot prevent all injuries. However, they may significantly reduce the risk of severe or catastrophic harm. For example, they cradle the head and neck upon impact, reducing the chances of brain damage or life-threatening injuries. They also shield and cushion the torso, helping minimize the threat of spine and internal injuries.

As technology advances, airbags are becoming more sophisticated and affordable. With continued research and development, you can expect to see even more effective airbag systems for motorcyclists on the horizon.

Injuries can still impact you

Inflatable bags and garments can save your life, but you may still suffer physical harm in a motorcycle accident. That usually means overwhelming medical expenses, lost wages and other financial damages.

Having experienced legal guidance can give you the best chance of obtaining a fair settlement. If your injuries are severe or disabling, you may even be eligible for pain and suffering damages.

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