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Did you wreck your rental car in Las Vegas?

One of the most well-liked vacation spots in the nation is Las Vegas. Because there is so much to do and see in the city, a lot of people decide to rent a car while they are there. Unfortunately, car accidents occur frequently in Las Vegas, and those who are unfamiliar with the territory may be more likely to be involved in one.

Renting a vehicle may be a convenient way to get around during your vacation, but what happens If you get into a collision while you’re driving a rental car?

Who is liable in a rental car accident?

Because Nevada is an “at fault” state, a driver who causes an accident is responsible for any losses suffered by all parties involved. Damages may include property damage and injuries to the at-fault driver, their passengers and occupants of other vehicles.

Drivers are usually required to have a minimum level of property damage liability coverage. This means that if you damage another person’s vehicle in an accident, you are responsible for covering the costs of the damage. However, this liability coverage does not include damage to the rental car itself.

According to Nevada Law 482.295, car rental companies are required to have the same insurance coverage as car owners in Nevada. When you rent a car in Las Vegas, you will have the option to purchase additional coverage. One of these options is a collision damage waiver (CDW), also known as a loss-damage waiver (LDW). When you purchase LDW or CDW and are involved in an accident, the rental car company will not hold you responsible for any damage to their property.

In Las Vegas, handling the aftermath of a rental car accident can be difficult, especially if you’re from out of state or if there were multiple cars involved in the collision. Keep in mind that seeking local legal guidance and assistance is always an option.

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