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Mystery Las Vegas driver leaves behind one dead, one injured

Someone was driving the car that slammed into the vehicle driven by a mother of two and killed her. Someone was driving the car that hit a truck, causing it to roll over five times, leaving its driver with neck and spinal injuries.

The question law enforcement officials are trying to answer: who caused all this damage? Who killed the 44-year-old mother and who left the pick-up driver with serious injuries?

KTNV reports that it has obtained a Nevada Highway Patrol accident report that shows investigators know who owns the car that caused all the wreckage. Law enforcement hasn’t come out and said the owner is the one responsible for the carnage, however.

The TV station reports that the fatal crash took place in January on I-15 not far from the Blue Diamond Road interchange, just south of Las Vegas. It was there that the mother’s car was rear-ended so violently that she was ejected from her vehicle and killed.

And this horrific accident came after the a pick-up had been run off of the road, leaving its driver with injuries to his neck and spine; injuries from which he has yet to recover.

The report says after the car in question ran the truck off the road and after it slammed into the other car and killed the mother, its driver fled the scene. Two weeks later, the 31-year-old owner of the vehicle turned herself in to authorities.

She hasn’t taken responsibility for either crash, however, so investigators continue to try to piece together what happened late that January night.

Law enforcement officials say the owner of the vehicle, who has previously been cited for drunk driving, declined to give officers “an official statement” about her possible involvement in the crashes. No charges have been filed.

Resource: KTNV: “Friend demands consequences in crash that killed mother of two”: January 31, 2011

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