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Dal Toro settles trademark infringement lawsuit by Lamborghini

It appears that Dal Toro, the classic car show/restaurant company, has been stopped in its tracks by a lawsuit filed by Italian car maker Lamborghini. The company, which has a location on the Las Vegas Strip, has settled the suit and agreed to stop using a logo similar to Lamborghini’s bull-in-shield design to promote itself.

According to litigation filed by Lamborghini in federal court in July, Dal Toro was selling apparel and accessories with an imitation Lamborghini logo on them. The “knockoffs” were made and sold without permission from Lamborghini to license its trademarked logo, the lawsuit claimed.

Dal Toro, which displays exotic cars in showrooms attached to the company’s Italian restaurants, initially refuted the charges, but it and the Italian automaker later reached a settlement that was filed with the court in Las Vegas the week of Feb. 23. Under the terms of the settlement, Dal Toro will agree not to use Lamborghini’s trademarked materials or “any marks confusingly similar.” The company will also submit to an injunction against creating or using a similar bull-in-shield logo with the Dal Toro name on it for use on apparel, restaurant items or promotional materials such as business cards.

Besides its Las Vegas location, Dal Toro has locations in Miami and in the Caribbean.

Commercial disputes over trademarks or copyrights can be tricky. Anyone who is accused of violating a business’ intellectual property rights could face a large judgment against his or her business, depending on the evidence.

Source: VEGAS INC, “Las Vegas restaurant agrees to drop use of Lamborghini trademarks,” Steve Green, Feb. 23, 2012

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