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Apple vs. Samsung trial to continue? New details on jury foreman

The issue of patent rights between companies Apple and Samsung has caused many to take note of product infringement laws. Nevada residents may remember the previous ruling from their trial earlier this year granted some $1 Billion dollars to Apple in damages for their property infringement. Now, it appears that the past is coming back with a vengeance.

The jury foreman for this trial apparently worked for a company that has a relationship with Samsung and who ended up suing him in 1993. This legal matter was not mentioned when asked he by the court this year what previous litigation he had been involved in spanning back ten years from this one. The juror in question explained recently that he was honest about his past and, had he been asked about earlier years, he would have been up front about the 1993 suit, however they were specific about the time-frame in their query. Samsung doesn’t appear to be buying it.

It is reported that the juror wonders if Samsung “let him be on the jury,” knowing about his previous suit, only to have a reason to appeal again if they didn’t win. However, the dispute between Apple and Samsung may not be settled regardless, as the new version of Apple’s iPhone 5 has been cause again to question who infringed on whom.

Whatever the case between the two cellphone giants, it is clear that these kinds of infringement and patent rights cases carry a lot of weight and have a lot of people invested in them. Working with experienced attorneys can help Nevada businesses to seek out the settlement as efficiently as possible, and if it goes to trial, they could help fight for the ruling your company is comfortable with.

Source:, “Samsung bashes jury foreman in Apple case, wants new trial,” Sean Ludwig, Oct. 3, 2012

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