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Man badly injured in broken elevator incident

While personal injury incidents involving broken elevator are relatively rare in Southern Nevada, when they do those injured in the accident may pursue litigation from the business that owns the building. In an example from another state, an 84-year-old man was critically injured when an elevator in his apartment building malfunctioned as he tried to get inside. Residents of the building said they were concerned about using the elevators in the wake of the incident.

According to news reports, the man walked into an elevator on the first floor going up when the doors closed before he had fully entered the car. The elevator started toward the second floor before stopping partway up. The man was reportedly half inside and half outside. He suffered a broken leg and was taken to the hospital after being extricated from the elevator. His condition was described as critical, with his age a possible factor in that diagnosis.

The broken elevator was under repair as of Dec. 31. But residents say they want both elevators replaced. Many of them are older or disabled and say they believe that repairing the elevator will not solve the safety issue.

Many businesses that invite customers onto the property have elevators for their convenience. But when an elevator malfunctions and someone is injured as a result, the business might find itself facing a personal injury claim. In that case, the business may need to hire an attorney to defend them against negligence accusations and possible legal liability that could become costly.

Source: WNBC-TV, “Elderly Man Critically Hurt in Harlem Elevator Accident,” Lori Bordonaro, Jan. 1, 2013

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